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Welcome To Cornerstone Home Lending Inc. Mortgage Broker Utah

At Cornerstone Home Lending Inc. Mortgage Broker Utah, we treat each customer as an individual, not a number. We don't place you into a loan profile formula created by the banking industry. We use "common sense" and will help you obtain the right loan for you. We represent a wide range of "A" rated lenders with competitive rates.

We work with more than 100 investors as a mortgage broker. This allows us to get you the most competitive rates on all types of loan programs including: Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out Refinance, 30 year mortgages, 20 year mortgages, 15 year mortgages, 10 year mortgages, 1 year ARMS, 3 year ARMS, 5 year ARMS, 7 year ARMS, 10 year ARMS, Conventional, FHA, USDA, Jumbo, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Reverse Mortgages, HECM, Non-FHA Reverse, Jumbo Reverse, Construction, Debt Consolidation Loans, Renovation and VA. Whether your situation calls for Full Documents, Streamline, Non-Owner Occupied (Investor) or Multi-Family, we'll custom fit your needs!

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First Time Home Buyer


We will help you determine if you qualify for any first time homebuyer grant or down payment assistance programs as part of your pre-qualification.

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  • icon Leverage Available Programs
  • icon Know Your Buying Range
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Best Mortgage Interest Rates

We will use our network of over 100 lenders to shop for the best mortgage rates and loan programs to fit your needs.

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  • icon Shop Multiple Lenders
  • icon Lower rates, Lower Payments
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Always Close Fast & On Time

Our team will use our expertise to make sure your loan gets funded fast! We never miss a closing date. Always speak with a live person with quick responses.

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  • icon Hassle Free Funding
  • icon Get Your Dream House
Get Your Dream House

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Understanding how a reverse mortgage works is extremely important. A reverse pays your monthly interest payment using your home's equity.

  • Good For
  • Reduce Monthly Payment
  • Retain Retirement Savings
Reduce My Payment

Calculate Reverse Mortgage

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We will work with our many reverse mortgage lenders to find you the best interest rates. Some of the companies we work with are - American Advisors Group, Liberty, Longbridge, First Reverse and Finance of America.

  • Good For
  • Home Improvement
  • Paying high-interest debt
Use My Equity

Will I Run Out of Equity?

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Homes have appreciated over the past 30 years on average by 4% per year. Your equity will continue to grow despite a reverse mortgage. Many borrowers receive a line of credit that can be utilized up front or later to access more equity.

  • Good For
  • Lower money towards interest
  • Paying off the home sooner!
Shorten My Term


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Remove Mortgage Insurance

Refinance and remove your mortgage insurance to lower your monthly payment!

  • Good For
  • icon Extra Monthly Money
  • icon Retirement Savings!
Reduce My Payment
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Get Cash Out

If your house has increased in value, you can use that equity to get cash-out, for whatever you need!

  • Good For
  • icon Home Improvement
  • icon Paying high-interest debt
Use My Equity
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Shorten Your Loan Term

Rates on 15 year mortgages can make the payment similar but the pay-off years sooner!

  • Good For
  • icon Lower money towards interest
  • icon Paying off the home sooner!
Shorten My Term

Lower Monthly Payment

Consolidate credit card debt, Auto loans, HELOC's, 2nd mortgages and solar panels among other things into one lower monthly payment.

  • Good For
  • Extra Monthly Money
  • Best Debt Consolidation Loan
Reduce My Payment

Get Cash Out

If your house has increased in value, you can use that equity to get cash-out to payoff debt, renovate or even create an emergency savings for the future. 

Use My Equity

Shorten Your Loan Term

Consolidating can save you hundreds or thousands in monthly payments. Take these savings and pay extra towards your mortgage to pay it off faster.

  • Good For
  • Lower money towards interest
  • Paying off the home sooner!
Payoff Faster

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We work conforming and non-conforming real estate loans.


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The Cornerstone Home Lending Inc. Mortgage Broker Utah Advantage

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Local Knowledge

We know the area and the market and we're part of your community, not a bot on the net :)

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Fast Processing

We work to close your loan as quickly as possible. We can even hit curveballs!

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Best Service

We offer a hybrid approach of new technology to speed closing and old fashioned customer service and communication.

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Utilizing Technology

We have the latest online tech like secure mobile uploading and we're available to use the device the old-fashioned way too!

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We can help you lock in a long term fixed rate and get out of your ARM.

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There are lots of good reasons to choose an FHA loan.

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